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"We finally found a marketing portal that a small, medium company can leverage on to reach out to our target market focus" John Chia - Managing Director, Kitzutech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
"我非常高兴《研磨世界》首创了这样一个平台,成功的将研磨界联结在一起。 现在我能够找到正确的业界人士一同分享交流最新的市场动态,而不用顾虑语言障碍和国界隔阂" -李 (玉立研磨,中国
"As a global leader that specialises in the flap discs machine and production system, we are very selective in our marketing channel. AbrasivesWorld has what it takes to position us as a global leader in the abrasives arena." Raffaele Barbieri – Owner of Riflex Italy
“Sheldahl enjoys market recognition to our product quality and service reliability. Promoting on Abrasivesworld as our main communication tools, brings us closer to our customer, as we are the market leader for coated abrasives adhesives and tapes” - David Laursen, Business Development Manager
Die Marke AWUKO steht für Schleifmittel höchster Qualität und Oberflächengüte – Made in Germany. Für unsere Kunden finden wir gerne die besten Lösungen und Produkte, angepasst auf die individuellen Anforderungen. Abrasivesworld bietet uns eine Plattform um unsere internationale Präsenz zu verbessern. – Lars Arndt, Export Manager
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