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  • Personalised URL link of member’s profile

    Updated By Abrasivesworld

    Abrasivesworld enables members to create their personalise Company Profile Pages at absolutely not cost. Anyone in the abrasives community can create, personalised and generate their company profile page. This service is absolutely free and as easy as 1-2-3 and takes less than 5 minutes.

    This features brings many benefit to our members. They are:
    - members can decide to save into English or Chinese format.
    - members can enable this Company fact sheet to be downloaded into PDF format.
    - member’s Company fact sheet will have an unique URL link that allow information to be shared to others.
    - member’s Company fact sheet can be make available (if authorised by you) for service match search request
    - member’s Company fact sheet can be make available (if authorised by you) to parties in their Request for Quotation

  • Article Management System

    Abrasivesworld lives to its commitment to its readers and members by launching 4 additional languages into its news article. This allows its members to publish their news updates and have them translated to different languages instantly reaching out to broader readers worldwide. The personalised article column allows members to load pictures, video link and even video of your choice to enhance the dynamism of your personal article. These article can either be posted onto, or assigned to target member’s group or to the member’s assigned email addresses.

    Today, Abrasivesworld can offer its article to German, Hindi, Bahasa and Thai in addition to its English and Chinese languages. Abrasivesworld believes that effective marketing means faster time-to-market and reaching out international customers.

  • RFQ

    Updated By Abrasivesworld

    Driven by the passion to engage the abrasives communities and allow each community to reach out to other effectively, Request for Quotation (RFQ) is developed to help members to search for the right suppliers that offer fair price at the best quality products. This is done without both geographic and language barriers. The key features includes: - Sender of RFQ can decide to send their RFQ by the member group in abrasivesworld or / and to their assigned email addresses. - Qualified bidders shall be alerted and offer their quotation in confidence. - Both Sender and Bidder will have their RFQ and quotation records saved in abrasivesworld archives which will help them to retrieve information whenever needed. Go on, log in as the members of Abrasivesworld and enjoy the various features available that benefited our many abrasives members. Afterall, Abrasivesworld is created for the abrasives community by the abrasives community.

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