Members Corner
  • 23th Nov 2015

    – Partnership with ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition as their international sales channel.

  • 26th Oct 2015

    – Alliance partnership with SupplyChainWorks to bring values to its members by linking to the vast logistics service providers in SupplyChainWorks.

  • 1st September 2015

    – Extend additional advertisement banner onto the top front page of

  • 16th May 2015

    – Editorial visit to Intermach-Subcon Exhibition inBangkok Thailand

  • 3rd March 2015

    – Abrasivesworld continues to receive high new memberships subscription of 15%

  • 1st Sept 2014

    – Launches automatic display resizing capability. Readers can view abrasivesworld on its mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

  • 1st Sept 2014

    – Launches complete new user interface that enhances user’s experience. It contains both Classic and Modern Display to suit the different readers’ preference.

  • 30th August 2014

    – Launches Listing and Search capability of AbrasivesWorld members.

  • 14th March 2014

    – Abrasivesworld and Pose Media in collaboration to bring more news to its readers.

  • 8th March 2014

    - Launch personalised member profile pages with unique web address.

  • 19th Feb 2014

    – Launch Request for Quotation modules for members.

  • 28th Dec 2013

    – Launch additional 4 major languages for auto articles translation. The languages are German, Hindi, Thai and Bahasa Malay (in addition to existing Chines and English).

  • 30th July 2013

    – launch article management system that enables members to post article, incorporate image, video instantly and at the same time allow reader to translate article to preferred languages.

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