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  • Article : Festive Greetings
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 23/12/2018
    Author : Abrasives World

  • Article : Grinding, Deburring and Polishing machines
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 31/07/2018
    Author : Abrasives World


    Introducing Famak Makina

    Famak Makina was established on 1975 te Aslıtürk Machine as special machinery production. In 1997, Famak Makina continued production with name. Since 2004, only surface processing machines are produced. Its basic principles are respect for our work, rigor in our work, service to our customers in the best possible manner and production of robust machines with good quality. The company, which has the principle of winning customer satisfaction as its priority, responds to companies’ caliber, satine and polishing demands with its expert staff. The company, which is founded on the principles of quality production in machinery, is making sure steps towards becoming a pioneer organization in the sector without compromising respect and tolerance in its production in the wood, metal, plastic and stone sectors in which it operates.

    Famak Makina is progressing to become a leading brand in our country in caliber, satine and polishing fields. Thanks to the solutions it provides thanks to its qualified human resources, our customers have been able to produce faster, better quality and more cost effective than their counterparts in the market.

    For more detail, please click here to indicate your interest. 


  • Article : D.Maternini partnership with Siemens
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 24/06/2018
    Author : Abrasivesworld

    Davide Maternini partners with Siemens

    Davide Maternini SpA is always looking for innovation, in process technology and in machines manufacturing technology.
    In this direction goes the continuous research for new electronic solutions that can improve and simplify our machines.

    An objective achieved with Siemens being partner with them as pilot test of Italy for the system ET200AL.

    The ET200AL peripherals can simplify the production process by saving costs and time (time of engineering and machine manufacturing), especially reducing number of connections to the main control box and reducing the number of junction boxes on the machine.
    The diagnostics capability of the ET 200SP modules and the IO-Link sensors allow a faster installation and a shorter debugging phase during commissioning at the customer site.

  • Article : Abrasives Market Research Report - Forecast till 2023
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 30/03/2018
    Author : Abrasives World

    Abrasivesworld took interest to a Research Report on Abrasives Market - Forecast till 2023 from source Market Reseach Future.

    Below artilcle to share with our readers.

    Global abrasives market research: information by material (natural and synthetic), product (grinding wheel, sandpaper) type (coated abrasives, bonded abrasives) end-user industry (automobiles, construction, electronics and others) – Forecast till 2023

    Synopsis of Abrasives Market:

    An abrasive is a material, generally used to shape a work piece through rubbing. It is often a mineral and is extensively used for rubbing, grinding, polishing, honing, buffing, sharpening, and sanding to get the desired finish. Abrasives come in different sizes and shapes depending upon their need. They are hard material and are used in various end use industries such as transportation, building and construction, metal fabrication, and electrical & electronics among others. The demand from the end use industries is a major factor driving the growth of the global abrasives market. Some of the major applications of abrasives includes grinding, tumbling media, tool sharpening, metal cleaning, paint stripping, de flashing, and blast cleaning among others.

    The growing industrialization, and urbanization in the developing regions throughout the globe is expected to boost the market during the forecast years. The global abrasives is a lucrative market and is expected to expand at an encouraging CAGR during the forecast years. The high tensile strength and hardness makes it ideal for construction and automobile industry which is a major factor driving the market positively.

    Among the various product type in abrasives market, the grinding wheel is the leading segment of the market and is anticipated to continue its dominance over the forecast period. This growth is attributed to the increasing demand of grinding wheel due to its excellent properties such as tensile strength, speed, efficiency, and productivity among others. They are extensively used in manufacturing of machinery, automotive components and electrical and electronic components. Among the end user industry, automotive is expected to be the largest segment and is expected to grow at a considerable CAGR. The growing application in the sizing of automobile parts, debarring, cleaning and others is expected to significantly contribute to the growth of the market.


    The Global abrasives market share by end use industry.

    Source: MRFR analysis


    Regional Analysis 

    The abrasives market is segmented across five regions: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. Among these, Asia Pacific holds a major share of the market and is expected to be a dominant market with an encouraging CAGR during the forecast period. The rapid growth of industries and urbanization is fuelling the growth of abrasives in the developing countries of Asia Pacific. Moreover, the favorable government regulation in the region has attracted many industry players to enter the lucrative market of Asia pacific which in turn is fuelling the market growth. Furthermore, the presence of most populated countries such as India and China, has augmented the construction and automobile sector which is further contributing to the market growth.  China, India and Japan are the largest consumers of abrasives in this region. North America is another dominant region in the market for abrasives. The developed end user industries such as construction, transportation and electronics among others are significantly driving the market growth. Moreover, the new elected government has brought in a new wave of investment in development and renovation of residential and commercial infrastructure which is expected to boost the demand for abrasives in the construction industry.

    The European market is a lucrative market mainly driven by the developed electrical & electronics, construction and automobile sector. Moreover, the growing metal fabrication sector coupled with the increasing infrastructural development are the major factor attributing to the growth of the market. In addition to this, the growing R&D activities in the automobile sector has further augmented the use of abrasives in the region.

    Segmental Analysis

    The global abrasives market is segmented into material, product, type and end user industry. On the basis of material, the market is segmented into natural abrasives and synthetic abrasives. On the basis of product, the global abrasives market is segmented into grinding wheels, sandpaper and others. On the basis of type, the market is bifurcated into coated abrasives, bonded abrasives, and super abrasives. On the basis of end use industry, the market is further segmented into automotive, machinery, metal fabrication, electrical and electronics, building and construction, and others.

    Key Players

    Some of the prominent players operating in the Global abrasives market are Robert Bosch GMBH (Germany), 3M Company (U.S.), DuPont (U.S.), Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. (France), Fujimi Incorporated (Japan), Henkel AG & CO. KGAA (Germany), Tyrolit Group (Austria), Asahi Diamond Industrial Co., LTD (Japan) Deerfos Co., Ltd (Korea), and Carborundum Universal Limited: (India).

    Geographical Analysis

    The report covers brief analysis of the major geographic regions namely Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.


    For more information, refer https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/reports/abrasives-market-5391



  • Article : Fortis Abrasives – A history of excellence
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 20/02/2018
    Author : Abrasives World

    Behind the brand Fortis Abrasives, the company has a vast and respected history that is known by few in the market.


    Founded in 1986 as PT Hamplas Barutama, the company has the technological assistance from NORTON COMPANY, USA to manufacture and distribute abrasive products under the NORTON brand. It was inaugurated by then, the President of The Republic of Indonesia Mr. HM Soeharto.


    The rich corporate milestones continues till today…

    • 1991

    The establishment of PT SAINT-GOBAIN NORTON HAMPLAS, initially as a joint venture company between local partner and Saint Gobain Abrasifs.

    • 1993

    The Company starts to export to Australia and Southeast Asian regions.

    • 1997

    The company’s export ratio reached 60% of total production volume with major destination to Australia, China and Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam).

    • 2011

    The company is restructured and renamed as PT DAYA SATYA ABRASIVES, a wholly owned subsidiary of PT Daya Satya and launched the Fortis brand to strengthen its foray into becoming a regional leader in South East Asia.


    Today, PT Daya Satya is the only vertically integrated coated abrasive company in Indonesia that utilizes in the state of the art German technology with annual production capacity of over 2.6 million square meter for coated abrasive products and 1.6 million square meter for finished cloth and textile related products.


    The company is known as the pioneer in the development of abrasive industry in Indonesia including:

    • The first company to develop multi-purpose J-weight cotton products for retail business.
    • The first company to develop X-weight Poly cotton products for the Plywood and Metalworking industries



    Certainly, the products have earned accolades for their quality and innovation.

    Celebrating 21 years of remarkable journey, the company has rolled out a newly designed website where information of its brand, company and dedicated loyal staffs could be share to the rest of the world of Fortis Abrasives.

    For more information, http://fortis-abrasives.com/en/



  • Article : Abrasivesworld supports 24x7 online customer support services
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 06/02/2018
    Author : Abrasives World

    To carter to growing interest and enquiries from the abrasives community, Abrasivesworld launches a 24x7 online customer support as part of its committment to improve user experience.

    This friendly features pops out with a pleasant greeting. Just simply enter the message and our customer service will respond immediately. The feature also incorporate attachment to faciliate exchange.

    Go on and give it a try. Enjoy the experience with Abrasivesworld.




  • Article : Christmas Greetings
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 19/12/2017
    Author : Abrasives World

  • Article : Maternini Testing Machines
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 09/11/2017
    Author : Abrasives World

    MDM Sales team is proud to present the full range of testing machines.
    Aim of these units is to provide the end-user with detailed information regarding the performance of their cut-off or grinding wheels, both resinoid bonded or vitrified/ceramic products.
    Smart and “easy-use” reports can be downloaded from the machines in order to have the best comparability between each kind of test. The mechanical precision of this equipment joined to a top quality accuracy of instruments guarantees a top-class laboratory for the examination of abrasive tools.


    Let us start our presentation from the most common but useful test: burst/speed. Standard version of this tester runs up to 32000 rpm but, in case of specific technical requirements, MDM is able to provide even machines with higher or lower speeds. The operator inside the burst chamber fixes the wheels, starts the machine and that’s it! The machine detects the breaking point and the reached speed. A series of extra-safeties assures the correct running. About vitrified and ceramic wheels, special designs of the machine according to size of wheels to be tested is offered to the buyer.



    Performance of abrasive discs: cut-off and grinding machines! The first one, called PTA, is a tester able to record all data concerning level and wear rate of wheels after a selected number of cuts. Concerning the control of grinding action of discs, PSA unit is the ideal instrument. An operator who leads these machines has the opportunity to set the test according to different variables like pressure of the grinders, current consumption, constant speed, different working axis setting etc.



    A dedicated chapter belongs to balancing units. This variable is more and more determinant in order to give quality and reliability to every kind of abrasive disc. MDM machines check the balance or unbalance of wheels thanks to a dedicated software able to provide both the value and the positioning on the surface of the unbalanced disc. This family of testers covers all the measures of cut-off and grinding wheels present in the market: from 100 up to 600 mm (4” to 24”) with thickness up to 8 mm (0,3”).


    Last but not the least, the speed tester dedicated to complying of safety rules UNI EN 12413:2011. This is the three sides loading where tests are settled as the norm says. Machine is available both in full automatic and manual version.

    Do not forget the opportunity to create a dedicated lab composed by two of the above-described testers, which are lead by a common interface. In this way, only one operator is fully engaged in the control and develop of the abrasive tools.

    This is just a short description of Maternini testing machinery and their main features.
    By contacting us, you will have the chance to discover in details our complete technical and commercial offer!

    Tags: balancing unit, ceramic product, cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, malnate, maternini, OSA, OSA test, PSA, PTA, resinoid bonded, testing machinery, testing machines, vitrified product

  • Article : 4th (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 16/09/2017
    Author : Abrasives World

    AbrasivesWorld has once again visited the 4th (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition which was held on the 14th to 16th September 2017 which was 2 months earlier compared to the last 3rd Fair held in November 2015.


    This fair has combined with China Automotive Service Supplies and Wearing Parts Exhibition, China International Bearing Technology and Service and China Precision Industry Intelligent Manufacturing forum. The number of exhibitors for abrasives hover around a respectable 300 exhibitors.

    AbrasivesWorld see many familiar faces during the show and is encouraged to see “new” exhibits too such as Super grain crusher machinery, special grain coating on new sponge backing rolls.

    Another news worthy to mention is that the top Korean and Japan coated abrasives manufacturers such as Sunmight, Deerfos and Fuji Star have taken part in this fair.

    AbrasivesWorld is of the opinion that the next 5th (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding exhibition promises more international participants and exciting exhibits.

  • Article : Big Champion unveil its new website!
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 04/09/2017
    Author : Abrasives World

    Big Champion unveil its new website!

    Still maintaining the website address of www.bigabrasive.com, Big Champion’s website is user-friendly with modern design and a taste of local Indonesia flavor. 

    The main page was greeted with a big smile (possible a staff in the factory) and a write up and an image of PT Bahtera Indoamplas Gemilang. It gives a green, calm and peaceful effect to the readers instantly.

    The homepage is divided into few simple (but essential) tabs such as Home, Product Application, Services and Contact.

    It is a great upgrade of the website and shows that the company is also moving into a digital world.

    AbrasivesWorld congratulate Big Champion on the launch of its homepage!



  • Article : Supply electric static coater (coated abrasives) in modular unit
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 13/06/2017
    Author : Abrasives World

    Davide Maternini has done it once again!

    In June 2017, Davide Maternini has fabricated and ship out an electric static coater (1650mm width) to Zhejiang, China.

    David Maternini design, fabricate and install full coated abrasives production line. However, the company believe that business is not about the ability to supply every component from Italy but rather the ability to support customer with core modular unit and complement with local structures. This way, customer can enjoy better cost benefit since structural components can be fabricated locally and quicker lead time.

    This coater consists of both gravitation and electro static coating technology. If required, additional spray technology could be incorporated



    “What differentiate us in the market is the agility to the way we do business and willingness to supply our machinery by modular unit.” Said Alessandro Roncoroni (Head of R&D – Coated division). “this means that we are obliged to the finally product quality since our customer adopt the design and requirement for components that are fabricated locally.”


    Davide Maternini is riding on the momentum of supplying modular unit to China of recent years. The company has supplied several units of flexing machines, printing machines and electric coating machines.

    For more information, click here.

  • Article : 2017年大象磨具Schmied(施米德)新品发布会
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 30/03/2017
    Author : Abrasives World




























  • Article : New available machine: MDM 2×40 T-CUP/WHEEL
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 10/03/2017
    Author : Abrasives World


    Maternini is pleased to inform you that the new machine MDM 2×40 T-CUP/WH-EL is now available on the market for anyone interested in it.

    This new press model is specially designed for the production of conical and cylindrical cup wheels, both ceramic and resinoid. Mixture can be manually and automatically loaded and transported to the mould.

    The machine is made of a two columns structure, complete with three mobile traverses able to produce a high-quality product with:
    – Max diameter: 150mm
    – Max ring-height: 200mm
    Different dimensions can be requested according to the customer needs.

    Rapid cycle time is one of the most relevant feature. The machine is equipped with safety devices for the operator, both in the back and front part of the press.

    For more technical and commercial information  you can rely on our consultancy by contacting us

  • Article : ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition appoints AbrasivesWorld as their Official International Partner
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 20/01/2017
    Author : Abrasives World



    Abrasivesworld has been once again appointed by China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (4th A&G Expo) as its official international publicity media and overseas sales agent.

    Renowned for one of its kind, this is the 4th China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition that has gained international recognition as the possibly the only exhibition in the world to focus in abrasives.

    This is a bi-annual event where it gather all abrasives communities into ZhengZhou, the birth place of abrasives in China. The event shall be held from 14th to 16th September 2017 in the modern ZhengZhou International Convention and Exposition Centre in Henan China.

    Some of the main exhibits are:

    1. Abrasives Products and Auxiliary Materials
      (1) Superhard Materials and Related Products: synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitrid and micro powder, PDC, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond and various kinds of related products for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing, etc.
      (2) Conventional Abrasives and Related Products: fused alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, bonded abrasives, refractory materials, etc.
      (3) Coated Abrasives: sanding belts, sanding discs, sanding sheets and various kinds of abnormal-shaped coated abrasives, etc. 
      (4) Auxiliary Materials: raw materials, molds, all kinds of binders, metal powder, adhesives, matrix, etc.

      2. Various kinds of special equipment and detecting instruments for abrasives & grinding
      Synthetic diamond press machine, sorting machine, screening machine, magnetic separator, shaking table, mixing machine, forming machine, hot press, cold press machine, sintering furnace, welding machine, laser cutting machine, corundum and silicon carbide furnaces, crushing and milling machines, firing and hardened equipment, grinding wheel processing equipment, emery cloth manufacturing equipment and all kinds of testing equipment and instruments for abrasives & grinding, etc.

      3. Related Equipment and Tools for Abrasives & Grinding
      Grinding machine, grinding center, electro processing equipment, lapping machine, polishing machine, honing machine, grinding robot and all kinds of accessories and related auxiliary materials and products, etc.; Metal forming machine tools, metal cutting and welding equipment, CNC system and functional components, industrial automation, machine tool accessories and components; All kinds of tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, etc.

      4. Related Institutions for Abrasives & Grinding
      Relevant scientific research, colleges and universities, media, industry associations, detection institutions and industry bases and so on. 

    For more information of the exhibition and sales promotion, contact us 


  • Article : Sheldahl brings more benefit to its Asean customers
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 22/10/2016
    Author : Abrasives World

    Following the migration of Sheldahl slitting factory to Philippines beginning this year, customers in Asia are enjoying shorter delivery time for its adhesive tapes and at a lower logistics cost as well.

    There is another added benefit that more Sheldahl customers in Asean are currently enjoying. Reduce import duty and taxes.

    Asean countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and more recently with the inclusion of Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, these 10 countries will enjoy the benefit of Free Trade Agreement to Businesses. With this in place, some customers can enjoy complete tax exemption.

    “This is significant as all the cost will add up to the final finished abrasives belts to the customer which our competitor could not offer currently.” Said David Laursen, Business Development Manager, Multek / Sheldahl Brand Technical Manager. “Our shipping team in Philippines are already supporting the application of form D to customers who needs this. It is in our little way to thank them for their support to Sheldahl”.

    For more information, click here



    Example of a Form D document

  • Article : 绍兴市宝研介绍
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 11/09/2016
    Author : Abrasives World


    公司拥有一批专业的研发人员,先进的生产设备及可靠的生产能力;我们崇尚先进的企业文化,追求先进的经营理念、管理理念和人才理念, 树立团结和谐的大局观、诚实守信的道德观,坚持加强企业两个文明建设,内增员工凝聚力,外塑 企业良好形象 ,不断增强公司的核心竞争力。




    展望未来,我们充满信心,因为在您的点击支持和合作下,令本公司的业务蒸蒸日上! 诚邀各界人士光临指导!

  • Article : Multek Corporation featured in Manufacturing Marval
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 30/07/2016
    Author : Multek

    Sheldahl, a Multek brand has its Northfield facility been recently featured by Manufacturing Marvels. 

    The portfolio of Sheldahl® brand materials consists of a wide array of specialty products: advanced coated films, flexible laminates, high performance splicing tapes, cable tapes, and flexible printed circuit materials for a variety of high growth, global markets.

    In the area of tapes used in the industrial coated abrasives belt joining, Sheldahl® brand uncoated splicing tapes are pre-primed to obtain maximum bond strength when using a thermosetting adhesive. The standard products consist of polyester film reinforced with polyester yarns. Attached is a list of the standard products line with suggested applications.

  • Article : MetalTech 2016
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 27/05/2016
    Author : Abrasives World


    Abrasivesworld attended the inauguration opening of Metaltech 2016 held in Putra World Trade Centre Malaysia. This is the 22nd Asean International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technology Exhibition that was held in conjunction with AutoMex. Both events occupied 6 halls and attracted quite an impressive number of exhibitors and visitors alike. A quick count adds up to about 700 exhibitors

    For visitors who are looking for related abrasives tool could be somewhat disappointed comparing to the earlier years during mid to late 90’s. Still there are exhibitors displaying abrasives accessories and bonded abrasives. Companies such as SK Abrasives and Ban Chu Leong Many displayed their abrasives accessories while Teem Well and Advance Abrasives & Thread Technology featured bonded wheels such as Anchor.

    2 coated abrasives manufacturer brand that were visible are Big Champion and VSM. While Big Champion and VSM were represented by Teem Well and Sohadu Industries respectively, VSM definitely has a prominent booth display in Hall 3 equipped with a demonstrating table – a draw to curious crowd.


    Therefore while there appears to have lesser abrasives exhibitors during MetalTech 2016, the exhibitors appears to have been benefitted the most in this case by gaining more attention from visitors.

    Abrasivesworld looks forward to the next MetalTech to be again held in Putra World Trade Centre Malaysia on the 24-27 May 2017.  

  • Article : Elephant Annual China Distributor Commendation Congress
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 31/03/2016
    Author : Abrasives World

    Nature wakes in spring. In this vital season, the annual mainland distributor commendation congress, " Winning in ELE  barnd  value  chain",  of  Zhuhai  Elephant Abrasives  Co.,  Ltd.  (hereafter  called  ELE Abraisves)  was  held  in Shanghai  Ramada  Plaza  Peace  Hotel  on  March  30th.  The  director  of China  National  Hardware  Electric  and Chemical Products Commercial Association, Mr. Renhe Zhu, the technologists of ELE Abraisves, Mr. Shirakawa, Mr. Mishima from Japan, Japanese products manager of ELE Abrasives, Mr. Watanabe, dealers delegates from all over the country and each big media industry representatives, totally nearly 400 people attended the event.

    Speech by Ms Jenny Zou - Chairwoman of Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd


    First of all, the chairwoman of Zhuhai Elephant Abrasives Co., Ltd - Ms. Jenny Zou got a speech. In the speech, She appreciated the support of dealers in the past year. She claimed that dealers assisted ELE Abrasives to expand the  market  share  and  established  brand  image  in  the  market  at  the  past  time.  Dealers  are  in  key  role  of  the development of ELE Abrasives. Meanwhile, ELE Abrasives wants to covey the sincere gratitude for dealers via
    this meeting.

    Speech of Mr Renhe Zhu - President of China National Hardware Electric and Chemical Products Commercial Assoication

    After  that,  Mr.  Renhe  Zhu  (the  president  of  the  president  of  China  National  Hardware  Electric  and  Chemical Products Commercial Association) has a speech about the current economic development situation, the important status of the hardware industry and the development direction of hardware vendors and so on. Firstly, he has a good evaluation and affirmation to the ELE brand, also it is the industry's benchmark enterprises. In addition, right now we are  experiencing intelligent manufacturing as the leading factor of the fourth industrial revolution, the interval of technological change will be more and more short, the scope of influence is becoming more and more widely,  impact  on  the  industry  will  become  more  deeply. Although  the  situation  of   hardware  industry  is  not optimistic,  from  its  industry  status,  it  is  a  never  sunset  industry,  therefore  the  degree  of  deterioration  is  not
    affected  compared  with  other  industries.  Right  now,  manufacturers  just  should  stick  to  it,  keep  stability  and progress on the product, grasp the power of the brand, then we can hold the initiative in the market.

    Mr.  Renhe  Zhu’s  speech  was  full  of  passion,  extra  exciting.  After  a  round  of  applause,  the  dealers  of  ELE Abrasives: Mr. Qingyu Shi - the president of Beijing Dongchang Huaqiang Co.,Ltd
    and Mr. Xing Guan - the president of Suzhou Xinli Soldering Co., Ltd. ,both of them has a speech, mainly talked about why they are choose cooperate with ELE Abrasives. Their affectionate speech constantly brought forth to our dealer friends a strong resonance and warm applause.

    The Chairwoman of ELE Abrasives Ms. Jenny Zou gives a fascinating lecture of ‘Winning in ELE barnd value chain‘. Chairwoman Zou combining development status of ELE elaborates substance content, craftmanship, brand connotation, ecological circle construction and trinitarian service. She also pointed out that technology depends the future growth of ELE brand and profit. Chairwoman Zou states that ELE is blending in Japanese upgrade products and  European  intelligent  manufacturing  equipment  &  technology,  keeping  reinforcing  world  brand  leading
    position of ELE.

    In the next part of the speech, Product Manager Mr. Puyang Wang and Japanese Product Manager Mr. Watanabe of ELE Abrasives had introduced ELE Abrasives major achievements in the development of new products, especially recommended Japanese new generation products to the distortions

    Japan Production Manager - Mr Watanabe (right) with interpreter

    Subsequently, Sales Director of ELE Abrasives, Mr. Zhongwu Shi reported to the dealers about the market share of ELE  Abrasives,  capabilities  of  continuously  improving  service,  and  approaches  of  enhance  brand  reputation; Marketing Director of ELE Abrasives, Mr. Suiluan Wang, did a brief introduction about how ELE Abrasives will
    take the specifics actions to increase brand value, how to create profits for the dealer and some other information. 

    Best Brand Promoter Awards


    Group Photo of Ms Jenny, Dealers and Media Staff




    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 13/03/2016
    Author : Abrasives World

    VSM Abrasives is proud to announce the addition of Ceramic PLUS to their Ceramic product lineup. VSM Ceramics have been designed to cut more aggressively than conventional abrasives, and are engineered for high rates of stock removal in metalworking applications. The Ceramic PLUS grain requires fewer belt changes, meaning reduced cost per part and an excellent cost/performance ratio.

    The breakdown of an abrasive grain is a significant factor in overall performance of a coated abrasive product. The new Ceramic PLUS grain is manufactured in a new way that results in a much finer crystalline structure. This unique mineral fracture provides the abrasive product with a longer life, and more aggressive grains with an improved self-sharpening effect. Significant performance advantages include a higher metal removal rate at faster cutting speeds with a lower grinding temperature and less friction.

    The Ceramic PLUS products, XK885Y and XK880Y, are available in a Polyester Y-Cloth backing (coarse up to 60 grit) and a Polyester X-Cloth backing (80 grit and finer). The XK885Y is suitable for high pressure, dry/wet grinding applications, while the XK880Y is suitable for medium pressure, dry/wet grinding applications. XK885Y grits available: 20, 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120. XK880Y grits available 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120.

    With over 150 years of experience and a commitment to quality, VSM is a global leader in the coated abrasives market. With a vast product line for a wide range of applications, VSM has the products necessary to provide the right solution for your abrasive needs. For all kinds of applications and tasks, VSM supplies the right abrasive tools: belts, discs, sheets, rolls and other abrasive products in a wide range of dimensions.

  • Article : Season Greeting
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 18/12/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    The Management and Staffs of Abrasivesworld wishes all readers and members....






  • Article : AbrasivesWorld visits 3rd (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 23/11/2015
    Author : Abrasives World


    AbrasivesWorld visited the 3rd (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition which was held on the 13th to 15th November 2015.

    This is the 2nd visit by AbrasivesWorld to ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding exhibition. The last exhibition was held on the November 2013.

    While there are many “the same” compared to the earlier show, AbrasivesWorld is encouraged to see “many new” development in this exhibition.

    The same:

    • The 3rd International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition is held in the same ZhengZhou International Convention and Exposition Centre in Henan China.
    • The show still focus on key segments namely: Grains, Super-abrasives, Bonded abrasives and Coated abrasives.

    The new development:

    • Bigger hall. As a matter, it has expanded from previously 2 to 3 hall size.
    • Attracted more exhibitors with bigger booth size.
    • Appears to have more coated abrasives exhibitors.
    • Attracted international exhibitors such as Davide Maternini (Italy), SMA (Italy) and Sheldahl (USA). See below



    Interesting, this has also attracted new exhibition organiser that will set up similar exhibition in China in the coming months that focus in abrasives.

    The general conclusion AbrasivesWorld concludes is that despite the growing competition within the domestic market, there are still business opportunity in this dynamic industry.  

  • Article : SupplyChainWorks forms alliance with AbrasivesWorld
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 26/10/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Today marks a special milestone between SupplyChainWorks.com and AbrasivesWorld.com as 2 portal forms alliance.

    As the abrasive businesses are getting more competitive, the success of business is no longer just the product quality and development. It is also about reliability of its delivery to the customers on time and everything in good condition and reasonable cost. 

    SupplyChainWorks portal provides extensive contacts of 3rd party logistics service provider from express company, freight forwarder, warehouse operators to value add providers. In addition, it provides features such as RFQ whereby shippers can tender out rate request to the service provider and check and secure daily freight related spot rates. The portal also provides cloud based application such as Warehouse Managment System and Transport Management System that are used widely by both shipper and services providers.

    The management of Abrasivesworld and SupplyChainWorks believe such partnership will benefit its members in optimising it’s logistics operation. And as an early adopter to SupplyChainWorks, it offers free membership and use of features until end 2015. For more information of SupplyChainWorks, contact us.

  • Article : The Abrasive Company that present the Queen a Dragonfly broach
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 26/10/2015
    Author : Abrasives World


    We at Dragon have been producing sanding and abrasive products since 1890 in Copenhagen and relocated production to Maribo in 1975.

    Dragon presented the Danish Queen with a specially made golden Dragonfly broach at our facilities in Maribo.

    For us the Dragonfly is symbolic with flexibility, determination, an ability to adapt in virtually any climate, can be easily recognized anywhere in the world and is the trademark of Dragon A/S.

    The Dragon brand, after many years of research and development, provides a wide range of sanding and abrasive products and we are well knownin the industry for production flexibility and catering to our customers’ requirements, or with imaginative ping pong with regard to product development to enable you to be at the leading edgeof the market with attractive, competitive products.

    We are able to provide an extremely wide range of colors and for many years have specialized in private label.

    We at Dragon, solve todays problems today, our day ends when todays problems are solved, tomorrow?, tomorrow`s another day.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other or further information.


  • Article : Davide Maternini参加第三届中国国际研磨机和磨具展览会 -- 2015年11月
    Organisation : Davide Maternini
    Date : 18/10/2015
    Author : Davide Maternini

    这两年来,Davide Maternini一直在致力于实施在中国的几个项目。从总承包项目,例如黏合轮生产系统,到模块安装项目,例如可弯曲用于包裹研磨机生产的机器,Davide Maternini可以展望在亚洲市场,尤其是中国市场会有更多的成长。

    “我们当然对于这些积极的发展感到非常高兴”Davide Maternini的董事长Franco Maternini这样说,“赢得客户和安装机器只仅仅是我们事业的开始。我们要时刻与我们的中国客户同在和信守给他们的承诺”

    今年,Davide Maternini将会参加为期三天的第三届中国国际研磨机和磨具展览会。这个展览会将在中国河南郑州国际会展中心举行。

    展会上,Davide Maternini将会介绍他们最新的闻名于世界的科技,运用于如何生产高质量的磨具轮和磨具碟片。

    Davide Maternini提供一个同时为黏合轮和包裹式研磨机并且提供可模块化整合的生产系统的总承包解决方案。


    • 粮食储存仓
    • 双混合器
    • 树脂自动剂量仪
    • 压力机(旋转,撤回等)
    • 自动加栈和减栈机
    • 表面抛光机
    • 测试机
    • 技术转让
    • 其他


    Coated abrasives包裹式研磨机:

    • 全整合特大型生产线
    • 小型或者实验性包裹式研磨生产线
    • 特大型打印机
    • 静态和重力颗粒包裹
    • 可弯曲机器
    • 技术转让
    • 其他


  • Article : Seamless mini belt production
    Organisation : Amacker + Schmid AG
    Date : 16/10/2015
    Author : Antonia Kutter


    For more than 50 years, Amacker + Schmid AG has been meeting the requirements of the market and constantly strives to achieve innovative solutions.


    "We have seen a great increase in the demand for the mini belt production in the market which prompted us to think about a special package for this application." said Mr. Pascal Amacker, Owner and CEO of Amacker + Schmid AG.


    Therefore Amacker + Schmid AG decided to launch a special package for the mini belt production that greatly enhance productivity and cost-saving.


    The package consists of 3 machines for a 3 step synchronized operation.


    1. Continuously working skiving machine.
    skiving, scuffing, gluing, drying and tape application covered in one machine

    2. Continuously working roller press.
    pressing of belts without a tape or belts where the tape is already applied on one lap end

    3. Mini Belt slitter.
    fast and easy slitting of abrasive belts by single knife holder or fixed knife shafts

    Moreover, because of its simplicity, productivity is expected to increase on a high percentage. An aspect that will imply a substantial reduction of production costs.


    Amacker + Schmid AG will launch this package at a special price!


    Key benefits

    • Increase of productivity.
    • Reduction of numbers of operators (lower production costs).
    • Lower investment, thanks to special package price.
    • All machines from Amacker + Schmid AG, perfectly matched in high quality.
    • The machines are also perfectly suitable for the narrow belt production.



    For further information please contact Amacker + Schmid AG at info@amackerschmidag.com


  • Article : Sheldahl renews its commitment by participating in 3rd China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 22/09/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Sheldahl confirms participating once again in the coming 3rd China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (3rd A&G Expo). The bi-annual event will be held from the 13th to the 15th November in ZhengZhou International Convention and Exposition Centre in Henan China.

    “Although there is only limited adhesive tape suppliers in the world for joining coated, we are  mindful not to be complacent in this specialized field” said David Laursen - Business Development and Product Manager

    “Asia has been an important growing market for Sheldahl. It is in our interest to demonstrate our continued commitment to our local customers in Asia. During this exhibition, our exclusive agents for both north and south Asia will be present to give the maximum support”

    During the exhibition, Sheldahl will be showcasing its latest product and development. On-site technical advisers will also render technical consultation to customers if they face any technical difficult or simply wanting to produce best joints.

    “we do have readily technical engineers that can be deployed to visit our customers to rectify any problem as part of our quality value add. This continues to live up to our core “One Source” approach in Sheldahl.” David continued.  

    Sheldahl booth is located in #324. For more information, contact us.


    About Sheldahl

    Since 1955, Sheldahl brand materials have been highly recognized in a variety of key technologies. We are industry leaders in thin film deposition on flexible materials, adhesive formulations, coatings, laminations, finishing, patterning and circuitization. All of which are manufactured in high volume, high quality roll-to-roll equipment and technology.

    Sheldahl unique combination of products and capabilities, plus superior technical and customer support provide a unique “One Source” fully integrated solutions package. Our “One Source” approach enables value added benefits to our growing, global customer base.

    Sheldahl brand materials are manufactured at a stand alone facility located at Multek’s Northfield, MN campus

  • Article : Mirka introduces net belt sanding video
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 15/09/2015
    Author : Abrasives World



    Mirka has released a video that demonstrates net belt sanding with a portable belt sander. The Abranet Max is its new generation of sanding belts that is designed for multiple applications, such as paint removal and wood sanding. The belt is easy to attach to the sander. The belt works in both directions and has up to three times longer lifetime compared to standard belts. This means less downtime needed for changing the belt. The ‘cool cut’ ability also negates the risk of surface burning.


  • Article : Test
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 15/09/2015
    Author : Abrasivesworld

  • Article : Davide Maternini New Corporate Website and Video
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 07/08/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Welcome to Davide Maternini's New Corporate website and video.


  • Article : UltraFinishing™ Brushing Machines from IMEAS
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 01/07/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    High quality and reliable UF equipment dedicated to the modern panel board industry

    IMEAS introduces an ultra finishing process for wood-fibre panels (MDF/HDF) and it is performed by means of an abrasive roll  (ScotchBrite™ type) which brushes the surface of the panel. The combination between the high number of revolutions and the oscillation of the roll produces a surface characterized by a very high homogeneity and low roughness.

    It is particularly suitable for panels which have to be laminated with light melamine papers or have to be used "at sight".
    The UltraFinishing™ unit is generally installed at the end of a calibrating/sanding line with 6-8 units and it is composed of 2 or 4 brushing heads opposite or asymmetric. The variety of abrasive rolls available allows to
    achieve a virtually infinite range of results.

    As a value added process, UltraFinishing™ machines allow to:
    - improve the surface appearance of the panel
    - produce a surface with reduced roughness and increased homogeneity
    - optimize the application of melamine papers.

    For more information, contact IMEAS_SEA@imeas.it


  • Article : ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (3rd A&G Expo) appoints AbrasivesWorld as their Official International Partner
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 02/06/2015
    Author : Abrasives World



    Abrasivesworld has been officially appointed by 3rd China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (3rd A&G Expo) to be their official international publicity and sales media.

    Renowned for one of its kind, 3rd China (ZhengZhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition has gradually gain international recognition as the possible only exhibition in the world to focus only in abrasives. It exhibit raw material, process and machinery used in the production of abrasives,  manufacturers of coated, bonded, superabrasives to international buying house as a one stop value chain event.

    This is a bi-annual event where it gather all abrasives communities into ZhengZhou, the birth place of abrasives in China. Held from 13th to 15th Nov 2015 in the modern ZhengZhou International Convention and Exposition Centre in Henan China, the exhibition will spread over 3 halls from 1A, 1B and 1C. This is an expansion from the 2 halls from the previous show held in 2013.

    Some of the main exhibits are:

    1. Abrasives and Auxiliary Materials

    (a) Superhard Materials and Related Products: synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, micro-powder, PDC, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond, and various kinds of related product for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing, etc.

    (b) Ordinary Abrasive and Related Products:  Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide , micro-powder, bonded abrasives, refractory materials, etc.

    (c) Coated Abrasives: belts, discs, sheets and other surface-treatment and polishing tools.

    (d) Auxiliary Materials: Raw materials, molds, all kinds of binder, metal powder, adhesives, matrix, etc.

    1. Various kinds of processing equipment and detecting instruments of abrasive & grinding.
    2. Industrial cutting tools and its processing and detecting equipment.
    3. Grinding machines and grinding detecting instruments.


    For more information of the exhibition and sales promotion, contact us 

  • Article : Intermach-Subcon Exhibition in Bitec Bangkok
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 16/05/2015
    Author : Abrasivesworld

    As abrasives tools are deployed in many machinery and automation process, Abrasivesworld spares no effort by visiting the recent Intermach – Subcon exhibition held in BITEC Bangkok, Thailand from 13th to 16th May 2015 and holds more than 500 exhibitors

    The exhibition was opened by Mr Chakramon Phasukhavanich, the Minister of Industry commenting that the show is now Asean’s largest International Industrial manufacturing and subcontracting exhibition and added: “Through these events, entrepreneurs will learn about the latest machine technology that can lower operating costs, increase competitiveness and support Asean’s bid to serve a key manufacturing base for supporting industries”.

    Abrasivesworld visited the show and find one prominent exhibitor that feature finishing solution. Led by Mr Anek, King Brite features a good range of abrasives, non-woven web, buffing wheels and machinery that focus on metal finishing. It even display a robotic arm to attract the attention of many passer-by visitors.

    There is also another abrasive booth that includes several companies each displaying their products.

    From an abrasives perspective, it’s somewhat disappointing to see lesser participants for exhibit abrasives product. Having said, this is an exhibition that focuses in machinery and mature abrasives market means that the users would know who are the prominent abrasives suppliers in Thailand without the need for abrasives companies to participate in more exhibition.

  • Article : VSM abrasives launches ceramic abrasives
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 20/04/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    VSM Abrasives has announced Ceramic Plus. VSM Ceramics has been designed to cut more aggressively than conventional abrasives, and is engineered for high rates of stock removal in metalworking applications. The Ceramic Plus grain requires fewer belt changes, which translates into reduced cost per part.


    The grain is manufactured to produce a much finer crystalline structure. This mineral fracture provides the abrasive product with a longer life, and more aggressive grains with an improved self-sharpening effect. Performance advantages include a higher metal removal rate at faster cutting speeds, with a lower grinding temperature and less friction.


    The Ceramic Plus products, XK885Y and XK880Y, are available in a polyester Y-Cloth backing (coarse up to 60 grit) and a polyester X-Cloth backing (80 grit and finer). The XK885Y is suitable for high pressure, dry/wet grinding applications, while the XK880Y is suited for medium pressure, dry/wet grinding applications.

    XK885Y grits available: 20, 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120.

    XK880Y grits available 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120.

  • Article : Saint-Gobain introduces grinding solution
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 13/04/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Norton Paradigm from Saint-Gobain is a porous metal bond platform that offers improved product versatility across a wide range of precision grinding applications. It combines the wear resistance of a metal bonded wheel, together with the ease of profiling a vitrified bonded wheel. This provides a precision grinding tool with diamond bonds that offers cool cutting, long wheel life and that is easy to dress.

    Due to the porous structure and grit retention, Paradigm enables the expansion of the application range for diamond grinding tools. It allows dressing diamond wheels easily, even with complex profiles. At the same time it reduces grinding forces and power consumption on difficult-to-grind materials. This results in higher productivity and/or better component quality to be achieved.

  • Article : Abrasives Market Report
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 01/04/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Abrasives market report

    A study from Transparency Market Research (TMR) titled, ‘Abrasives Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019’ provides a detailed analysis of the global abrasives market. According to the report, the market was valued in 2012 at US$35,203.6 million and will reach a value of US$51,389.7 million by 2019, while displaying a 5.5 percent CAGR during the forecast period of 2013-2019.


    The demand for abrasives globally in 2012 stood at 13,939.7 kilo tons. Natural and synthetic abrasives demand is increasing. The global abrasives market according to products is divided into bonded, coated, raw, steel, loose, and nonwoven abrasives. In 2012, the bonded abrasives segment contributed to the largest share of the market, followed by coated abrasives and loose abrasive grains.


    Growth Trends

    Bonded abrasives generated revenues of US$12,278.3 million in 2012. This segment is anticipated to reach a value of US$16,719.7 million in 2019 with a 4.5 percent CAGR during the forecast period. The raw superabrasives segment will be the fastest growing product segment in terms of revenue, and is expected to demonstrate a 7.7 percent  CAGR during 2013-2019. Furthermore, the loose abrasive grains segment will show record growth in the next few years due to the increasing demand for loose abrasive grains from manufacturers of abrasive products.


    Abrasive products find their use for various purposes such as machinery, transportation, electrical and electronic equipment, metal fabrication, and others (such as construction, medical devices, cleaning and maintenance, and power generation). In 2012, machinery segment led the abrasives market in terms of end-user and accounted for 23.8 percent of the global demand. This segment generated US$8,586.7 million revenue and is expected to reach a market value of US$12,418.5 million in 2019 with a 5.4 percent CAGR during the forecast period. Machinery segment was followed metal fabrication segment, which is another important end-user segment of the abrasives market. In addition, electrical and electronic equipment and transportation segments will demonstrate record fastest growth due to the ever-growing demand for automobiles and electrical and electronic appliances around the world. Other end-user segments such as medical devices, construction, power generation, cleaning and maintenance will also display a significant growth in the coming few years.


    The global market of abrasives is dominated by Asia Pacific, which contributed to 55.8 percent in 2012 in terms of global volumes consumed. Due to increasing demand from the automotive and electronic equipment industry, the region continues to dominate the market in terms of volume. Asia Pacific is followed by Europe with around 20 percent share in total consumption. The slump in the North American and European markets has contributed towards the growth of Asia Pacific’s abrasives market.


    The abrasives market shows attractive growth potential due to the increasing use of garnet for water jet cutting and abrasive blast cleaning. This superior processing method allows for highest purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains production. Garnet is employed as a blast cleaning abrasive across many industries to achieve superior quality of processing in terms of mineral purity.


    However, stringent government restrictions on the use of silica abrasives combined with volatile prices of raw materials, tend to suppress the growth of this market. Some of the top key players in the abrasives market include Robert Bosch GmbH, Saint Gobain SA, 3M, DuPont, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, and Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG.

  • Article : Interview with Mr Spencer Lee, Petromate Engineering Singapore
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 31/03/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Little is known about the abrasives market in Singapore. One may be surprised to know that the abrasive activities in South Asia today was spin off from this little island during early 90’s.


    In this article, we interview the boss of Petromate Engineering, Mr Spencer Lee.

    Petromate Engineering is established since 1985. Many regard Mr Lee as the pioneer whom customised abrasives rolls into abrasives belts when many suppliers still import finished belts overseas.

    “We are not a huge company unlike many coated abrasives producers in the world. However, we have earned the trust of our customers in Singapore and the respect of the many suppliers in the region” said Mr Lee.

    “Today, I would say that many know Petromate as one of the most stable and reliable coated abrasives supplier. We are supplying all type of coated abrasives from disc, sheets to narrow belts. In fact, we customised the belts to any width from 12mm to 300mm based on the requirement of our customers with the option of over-lap or various tape joints.”

    Petromate is currently supplying all types of grain and backing for all industry application and deliver these within a short lead time of 2 to 3 days.

    Driven by belief and market demand, Petromate stocks Germany manufactured abrasives that ensure best quality belt performance in the market

    For more information, visit: http://abrasivesworld.com/members/PetromateHardware%26EngineeringCo

  • Article : New Norton Vulcan range of abrasives for all industrial applications
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 06/02/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    The new range of Norton Vulcan cutting-off, grinding wheels, flap discs and diamond blades from Saint-Gobain Abrasives provides a solution for all industrial applications. Vulcan is a multi-solution provider that offers performance, value and convenience.

    The new range of Vulcan flap discs (R842) replaces the original product line (R822), offering better performance for all metal removal, deburring, shaping and sharpening applications, at a very competitive price level. Available in conical and flat shapes with fibre backing and flat shape on a plastic backing, both in the sizes 115, 125 and 180 mm in various grit sizes.

    Vulcan cutting-off and grinding wheels set an industrial performance standard amongst conventional aluminium oxide grain technologies providing optimum performance to price ratio throughout all steel, stainless steel, cast iron and stone applications in the aerospace, automotive, foundry, fabrication, ship-building and construction markets.

    Vulcan diamond blades are the ideal diamond blade range providing a good product life and cutting speed in all applications across a range of building materials from concrete to asphalt and ceramic tiles to natural stones.

    This range is only available in Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Eastern Europe and Middle East & Export.

  • Article : Global Prospects for MDF and Particleboard
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 08/01/2015
    Author : Abrasives World

    Dear Readers,

    The MDF and Particle board industry have always been an important market segment for the coated abrasives producers. Abrasivesworld came across an article on the Global Prospects for MDF and Particleboard from Wood Based Panels International and felt that it will be of interest to our readers. Below please find article released on the 17th September 2014.




    MDF and particleboard producers in Europe and China will, over the next five years, benefit from a strong recovery in demand, driven by a US housing recovery. In this exclusive report, Bernie Neufeld of BIS Shrapnel highlights key findings in the company's recent global study.

    The recovery in US housing construction, an expanding global furniture industry, and strong growth in housing construction in rapidly-developing countries in Asia, South America, eastern Europe and Russia, will lead to strong growth in global production of MDF and particleboard by 2017, says the BIS Shrapnel report.

    However, the production of these two wood panel products will vary significantly by region over the next five years. The increase in production for both products could lead to a surplus of global stock and constrain price growth unless there is a significant increase in consumption in non-producing regions.

    The continent of Europe, which is still struggling to return to growth following the global financial and economic crisis, will be the main beneficiary of the expansion in particleboard production, with exports set to more than double during the five years to 2017 as production expands in Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia and Russia.

    Western Europe (excluding Russia and Turkey) remains the dominant particleboard producing region, accounting for 38.9% of the world's production in 2012, or 28.7 million m3. This will increase slightly by 2017.

    Europe, including Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia, will produce 34.8 million m3, accounting for 39.3% of global production. The 'greater European' region, including Russia and Turkey, is by far the largest producing region, with 53.4% of the world's production in 2012. This will rise to 53.9% by 2017.

    Net exports of particleboard from Europe (excluding Russia and Turkey) are projected to rise substantially over the forecast period, from 2.3 million m3 in 2012 to 5.6 million m3 in 2017.

    While Europe is also one of the larger MDF producing regions, there has been a shift in production from Europe and North America to Asia over the past decade.

    North Asia largest MDF producer By contrast, North Asia, which was not significantly affected by the global financial and economic crisis, has a voracious appetite for MDF and is likely to be the main beneficiary of the expansion in MDF production.

    The North Asia region will account for 54% of the world's MDF production by 2017, consolidating a decade-long shift away from the traditionally dominant producing regions of North America and Europe.

    China alone will account for 51% of all MDF production by 2017.

    In the early 1990s, the furniture industry in China was driven by domestic demand, in line with improved living standards. This resulted in the establishment of many new production facilities and the introduction of modern technology in these plants. As domestic demand increased, and China became a major exporter of furniture, the furniture manufacturing industry expanded exponentially.

    Many foreign firms shifted their operations to China to take advantage of low labour costs, export subsidies, and improving quality standards. These modern firms had a preference for using MDF for furniture manufacturing and this drove the expansion of MDF production in China.

    Over the forecast period, the focus of growth in China will shift from an export-led economy to one driven more by domestic demand. While this could place some constraints on the production of, and demand for, MDF in China, the shift away from North America and Europe to China, and other parts of Asia, as the dominant MDF producing regions will continue over the forecast period.

    North Asia was also the second largest particleboard producing region in 2012, with 19.9% of the production, or 14.6 million m3. The region's share of production is projected to decline to 17.8% by 2017, although production will actually increase to 15.8 million m3. Production in Japan and Korea is projected to remain flat and all the increase in production will be in China.

    Strong recovery for N America and others An increase in demand in the recovering building and furniture manufacturing sectors in North America will be a key driver for growth in the production of MDF and particleboard.

    However, due to the global financial crisis, the region will run into capacity constraints following the closure of mills over the past five years. The downturn in housing construction in the US reached the bottom of the cycle in 2009. Construction began to recover in 2010 and is well on the way to much stronger growth over the next five years.

    This recovery will drive economic growth, not only locally, but in many of its key trading partners around the world.

    It will also drive renewed demand for furniture and, ultimately, the demand for MDF and particleboard.

    Housing construction in other key regions, such as South America and Asia, will also drive global demand.


    Source: http://www.wbpionline.com/features/global-prospects-for-mdf-and-particleboard-4376280/



  • Article : Davide Maternini Semi-Automatic Press Machine (4 station, 4 cavities)
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 28/11/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Davide Maternini's Automatic Press Machine

    Production of cutting discs from diameter 115mm to 125mm using 4 cavities mould

    4 work stations


    For more information, contact maternini@maternini.it

  • Article : Automatic Flap Wheel Production Process and Machinery
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 22/11/2014
    Author : Marketing dept

    Dear Readers of Abrasivesworld,


    The following video illustrate a modern technology adopted in the making of flap wheel automatically.

    The machine is capable of producing non woven or non woven + abrasives cloth or abrasives cloth. 


    For more information, please contact enquiry@gritasia.com 


  • Article : Coated Abrasives Tape Joint Tape Applicator
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 05/10/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Dear AbrasivesWorld reader, 


    In one the latest newsletter from Amacker+Schmid AG which was released in September '14, one of the topic shared was about their Tape Applicator. 

    Many of us knows that tape joint in coated abrasives belt application offers an alternate join type to the conventional overlap joint and this is normally applied as part of the skiving process operation or manually.

    However,  Amacker+Schmid is able to offer as a Stand-alone, continuously working tape applicator and with gluing and coating system. This is indeed impressive and worth  sharing in AbrasivesWorld.

    Below please find extract of their newsletter September 2014


    Who is not familiar with the abbreviation FAS … the three letters indicating our tape applicator, which we have been selling for many years. This tape applicator is designed to be integrated in skiving machines.

    Now we are able to offer you a stand-alone, continuously working tape applicator with automatic gluing and coating system.

    This newly designed machine can be easily integrated in your existing working process. The tape will be automatically glued, dried and applied to the tape end. The process can be finished with a flush-cut. All these features guarantee an efficient working. The labor-intensive application of the tape is automated and streamlined now!




    Continuously working tape applicator type 494/1700-FAS


    Automatic gluing and coating system


    Drying of the tape with two drying elements


    Flush-cut possible


    For tape widths up to 25 mm


    read more ...


    About Amacker + Schmid AG

    Amacker + Schmid AG based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, is a family-run business in the third generation. Slnce 1962 the company has developed, built and marketed machines and plants for the abrasives industry throughout the world. The portfolio ranges from very simple machines to fully automatic plants in all common processing widths.

    The quality of the products and the close cooperation with the customer are central points at Amacker + Schmid AG. The longtime experience makes it possible to react individually on the customer requirements and to find the best, specifically tailored solutions.

    For more information, visit http://www.amackerschmidag.com/en/home.html


  • Article : Abrasivesworlds visit China International Hardware Show (CIHS) 2014
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 21/09/2014
    Author : Abrasivesworld

    CHIS 2014 was held from the 18-20th Sept 2014 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The show has attracted 8 halls of exhibitors and despite rain, the show still draws good number of visitors.  

    As abrasives form an important core in the hardware and tooling industry, Abrasivesworld was delighted to meet many manufacturers (both coated and bonded abrasives) actively participating in this show. In addition, the show attracted raw material suppliers such as reinforce fibre glass for grinding discs, resins and minerals to abrasive equipment suppliers. Overseas exhibitors such as InterAbrasiv (Turkey) and Gruppo Itexa Srl were present as well.

    A quick count by Abrasivesworld estimated about 50 abrasives related companies taking part in this show – all mostly occupy Hall E1. Unlike previous shows where there were more bonded abrasives exhibitors, there is an even spread of bonded and coated Abrasives manufacturers this time.

    For coated abrasives, leading companies such as Hubei Yuli, JiangSu FengMang, Zibo Riken MT have participated in this show. For bonded abrasives, we have seen NingBo Dahua, Kaijie (ZhengZhou), Langfang J Long Hardware Abrasive too took part in the show.

    To inject more excitement, CHIS will move to the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) located in HongQiao Shanghai) which will be held from 21st to 23rd Oct 2015. Judging from the newly designed exhibition and Convention halls which resemble a four leaf clover, we are sure that this lucky clover will bring the show success.    


    CIHS organiser:

    China National Hardware Association,

    Koelnmesse GmbH,

    All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber

    Light industry Sub Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

  • Article : Abrasive converting equipment
    Organisation : SMA Automated Mechanical Solutions
    Date : 22/08/2014
    Author : Manuel

    About us

    S.M.A. Soluzioni Meccaniche Automatizzate was created to respond to an ever-changing market. Our company is a leader in the designing, building and dealing of machines whose task is to automate manufacturing processes and systems withing plants, particularly in the world of flexible abrasives.
    Our gained practical knowledge as manufacturers of both nonwoven fabric and abrasive cloth wheels allows us to boast of a one of a kind expertise within the field.
    Our aim is to continue manufacturing these machines in order to provide our clients with the tools to work with a just in time strategy, so that they can competitively operate worldwide. Many of the machines have a patent for industrial application; the first of our priorities is having the ability to create innovation and guarantee our clients an added value as far as saving money and time is concerned. We offer advice in R&D, being humbly aware that we provide a surplus value for our clientele.

    “and if they ever copy our machines, it won't matter because something that is copied is something that has already been made, while others are wasting time in imitating our old ideas we're already working on something new




  • Article : Amacker + Schmid 产品线
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 10/08/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Amacker+Schmid 产品范围是从简单机械到复杂全自动机器












    削磨机 – 连接部分的准备






















    To view this article in other languages, visit www.abrasivesworld.com


  • Article : Global Abrasives Market to Reach $40B in 2017
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 28/07/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Global demand for abrasives is forecast to expand nearly 6 percent annually through 2017 to just under $40 billion, according to market analyst Freedonia. Abrasives sales are expected to improve greatly in North America and Western Europe. The Africa/Mideast region, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe will perform much better through 2017 as well.

    In contrast, gains in the Asia/Pacific region are expected to decelerate modestly between 2012 and 2017, after more than a decade of rapid abrasives demand growth—but will still outperform all other regions during this time.

    In terms of products, paper and other coated abrasives are expected to see the fastest gains through 2017, followed by metallic products and superabrasives. Transportation equipment and fabricated metals will be the best performing end use markets during this period.

    China to lead demand

    About 55 percent of all additional abrasives demand generated between 2012 and 2017 will be attributable to China, Freedonia says. Abrasives sales in the country are projected to rise by 10 percent per year through 2017. As the Chinese abrasives market matures, however, growth is expected to decelerate noticeably from the breakneck pace of the last decade.

    Massive gains in manufacturing activity, rising living standards, and additional foreign investment will stimulate product demand in China. As the country’s durable goods industries become more sophisticated, the intensity of abrasives use—relative to GDP, manufacturing value added, and population size—will increase noticeably, Freedonia writes.

    Abrasives sales to rebound

    Following several years of losses during the recession-plagued 2007-2012 period, sales of abrasives in Western Europe are projected to expand nearly 2 percent per year between 2012 and 2017. As the region recovers from the financial crisis, production of durable goods is expected to rebound, generating additional demand for abrasives.

    North America will record considerably faster growth through 2017 than during the previous five-year period as well, for similar reasons. Sales of abrasives in the Africa/Mideast region, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe are expected to accelerate, as their durable goods sectors mature. More sophisticated industries generally require a greater level of abrasives. Additionally, demand for higher-end abrasives will increase, adding to market gains.

    Coated and metallic abrasives to gain ground

    The coated abrasives segment is projected to remain the leading product type through 2017, growing at an above-average pace. Healthy advances in manufacturing and construction activity, together with large consumer product demand gains, will stimulate paper and other coated abrasives consumption.

    Metallic abrasives, which are largely used in metalworking plants, foundries, and machine tool factories, are forecast to be the second fastest growing product through 2017 because these and similar industries will grow significantly.

    Finally, end users will require more advanced and specialized abrasives in the future, as their operations become more sophisticated. This trend will greatly boost global demand for superabrasives.

  • Article : 2013年中国涂附磨具行业经济运行情况分析
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 28/06/2014
    Author : Abrasives World


     打印】 2014-06-03 来源 (部分摘录):中国涂附磨具网






    2013年1~12月份,据协会不完全统计涂附磨具企业总产量4.71亿平方米,同比增长1.81 %;产值达到 58.93亿元,同比增长5.71%;每平方米单价12.51元,同比增长4.81%,。实现利润5.21亿元,同比增长19.92%,经济运行总体基本平稳。        

































    4. 从整个磨料磨具行业2012年进出口额情况看中国涂附磨具市场情况。























































































  • Article : Phenolic Resins for Abrasives
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 24/06/2014
    Author : Abrasives World


    Intercom offers liquid phenolic, urea, and melamine resins as well as novolacs in powder and work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions for their specific applications.

    Our strong long-term commitment in serving the abrasives industry guarantees you a stable relationship. Intercom has over thirty years of experience in coated and bonded abrasives applications.

    Our infinite application knowledge helps you optimizing binder use, enhance your productivity and improve your competitiveness. Intercom has the ability and flexibility to make any necessary technical adjustment to optimize performance and cost parameters for any given process. Through our global Technical Service network we can supply technical assistance wherever needed.

    We maintain the consistent high quality of our resins through well-defined production procedures which are certified to ISO 9000 and 14000 standards.

    Intercom’s efficient supply chain solutions to optimize our customer’s production process efficiency as well as our extensive production network provide us with a back-up source of supply, enabling us to guarantee uninterrupted deliveries.


    For more  information, please refer to www.intercomgroup.it




  • Article : 25 years on, many cannot live without the Internet
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 07/06/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    The article continues to share statistical trend. Data from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - an agency of the United Nations - shows that in 2003, only 12.3 per cent of the world were using the Internet. It cited that access to cheaper computers is one reason for the rise in Internet adoption. Between 2003 and last year, computer science professor David Evans from the University of Virginia says, the cost of the computing power required to use the Internet fell by 100 times, making it more accessible. Fixed-broadband access has also become cheaper, dropping 82 per cent from 2008 to 2012, according to the ITU.

    China's online population overtook that of the United States in 2009 and the number of people online in India is expected to overtake those in the US in the next few quarters. At the end of last June, there were 591 million Internet users in China, while in the US, there were around 255 million users last year. Latest available numbers for India put the number of Internet users at 165 million in March last year.

    In China, the spread of the Internet has led to a dramatic increase in e-commerce. 

    According to the World Bank, Singapore has the highest Internet penetration rate in South-east Asia, at 74.2 per cent in 2012, a vast difference from a developing country like Cambodia at 4.9 per cent penetration. In the US, the figure was 81 per cent and people are increasingly dependent on the Internet.

    Indeed many people cannot imagine life without the Internet today. And in AbrasivesWorld, we believe this is the case too. Just see how an article from AbrasivesWorld will look at the convenience of your mobile phone below.


    Article extract from Source: Melissa Sim (US Correspondent in Washington); The Straits Times March 9th 2104

    For a complete information, you can refer to http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/technology/story/25-years-many-cannot-live-without-the-internet-20140310



  • Article : Davide Maternini's abrasives testing machine that satisfy the loading standard test of EN 12413
    Organisation : Davide Maternini Spa
    Date : 17/05/2014
    Author : Luca Maternini

    Grinding and Cutting wheel testing machine to meet EN 12413 safety requirement

    The importance of product safety can never be more emphasized in the European market.

    It is precisely so that oSa (Organisation for Safety of Abrasives), started from 2000 with only 14 abrasives manufacturer members has continued to grow as industry, trade and users are increasing recognise the advantages of oSa labelled abrasives products.

    The oSa logo on the product signals that the manufacturer has done everything possible to produce tools which are as safe as possible. This reflects well in the manufacturers’ corporate social responsibility and gaining a foothold in the Europe market. For this reason, many manufacturers strive to have their product tested and certified.

    To qualify for oSa Logo, oSa’s members (bonded abrasives) must equip with test equipment that perform the following:

    1. Test equipment for burst and overspeed test
    2. Balance checking equipment
    3. Side load and impact test equipment for portable wheel type 27, 28, 29, 41 and 42

    As a leader in the R&D, fabrication and installation of abrasives producing equipment, Davide Maternini has a comprehensive series of testing machines that allow manufacturers to test their product to determine if it meet oSa’s requirement.

    This article elaborates Davide Maternini’s test phases for the side and impact test machine that are perform on both GRINDING WHEELS and CUTTING WHEELS, complying the safety standard of EN 12413. 

    1. IMPACT TEST with pendulum system
    2. SIDE LOAD TEST on 1 single point
    3. SIDE LOAD TEST on 3 points


    Description of the 3 tests

    Test 1

    IMPACT test with pendulum device

    Type of wheels



    ø from 150 to 400 mm


    Test phases are the following ones:

    1. The wheel is put into rotation at nominal working speed (80-100 m/s)
    2. Release of the impact mass
    3. Adjusting the pendulum angle of inclination it is possible to set variable energy of impact.
    4. the test is finished after about 30s from the impact
    5. the wheel must be dismounted to be analysed after the test


    Test 2

    SIDE LOAD test on single point

    Type of wheels



    ø from 115 to 400 mm.


    Test phases are the following ones:

    1. the wheel is put into rotation at nominal working speed (80-100 m/s)
    2. pressure roller moves on at fast speed and when close enough to the wheel lows down and starts to push the wheel at test speed
    3. the brushless motor allows to precisely measure stroke and hence wheel deformation
    4. Between brushless motor and roller it is inserted one precision load cell which has the task to measure the pressure given by the test roller on the wheel in rotation.
    5. when the test is finished, the rollers retracts back to parking position
    6. the wheel must then be dismounted to be analysed after the test
    7. The  result of the test can be verified through the test results table and the test results diagram, where 4 variables are plotted against test time: - current - rpm - test load - wheel deformation

    Consider that max. acceptable deformation of the wheel varies from 5mm up to approximately 35 mm, depending on wheels diameter.


    Test 3

    SIDE LOAD test on 3 points

    Type of wheels



    ø 300

    ø 350

    ø 400 mm.


    Test phases are the following ones:

    1. the wheel is put into rotation at nominal working speed (80-100 m/s)
    2. pressure roller moves on at fast speed and when close enough to the wheel lows down and starts to push the wheel at test speed
    3. the brushless motor allows to precisely measure stroke and hence wheel deformation
    4. Between brushless motor and roller it is inserted one precision load cell which has the task to measure the pressure given by the test roller on the wheel in rotation.
    5. when the test is finished, the rollers retracts back to parking position
    6. the wheel must then be dismounted to be analysed after the test
    7. The  result of the test can be verified through the test results table and the test results diagram, where 4 variables are plotted against test time: - current - rpm - test load - wheel deformation


    Consider that maximum acceptable deformation of the wheel varies from 5mm up to approximately 35 mm, depending on wheels diameter.

    For more information on Davide Maternini’s test equipment, please refer to www.maternini.it or contact luca.maternini@maternini.it

  • Article : Amacker+Schmid 推出创新涂附磨具的柔性机
    Organisation : Amacker + Schmid AG
    Date : 29/03/2014
    Author : Amacker+Schmid

    马克+施密德 (Amacker + Schmid) 推出新涂附磨具的柔性








    阿马克+施密德有许多不同的螺旋杆 (FLEXIBAR) ,是有不同的螺旋槽和格局。每一个设计为弯曲轻型,中型到重型背衬材料。







    使用工具:       - 弯曲刀

    -   圆棒



    使用工具:       -  螺旋杆



         使用工具:       -  圆形螺旋杆  

    D)组合式弯曲 (三重弯曲)


       使用工具:       -  圆形螺旋杆  

    -    螺旋杆        


    加湿从后侧喷 / 滚系统。


    欲了解更多信息,请浏览www.amackerschmidag.com 或发送电子邮件 p.tan@amackerschmidag.com


    Please visit www.abrasivesworld.com if you wish to read this article in different languages.

  • Article : Amacker + Schmid introduces innovative coated abrasives flexing machine
    Organisation : Amacker + Schmid AG
    Date : 28/03/2014
    Author : Amacker + Schmid AG









    阿马克+施密德有许多不同的螺旋杆 (FLEXIBAR) ,是有不同的螺旋槽和格局。每一个设计为弯曲轻型,中型到重型背衬材料。







    使用工具:       - 弯曲刀

    -   圆棒




    使用工具:       -  螺旋杆




         使用工具:       -  圆形螺旋杆  


    D)组合式弯曲 (三重弯曲)


       使用工具:       -  圆形螺旋杆  

    -    螺旋杆        



    加湿从后侧喷 / 滚系统。




  • Article : Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2014
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 14/03/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2014 (11-14 March 2014)


    The final touch before any lovely furniture make way to the market is the important sanding operation using abrasives. This is how much abrasives are closely affiliated to the furniture industry regardless if the furniture is made from wood, rattan, board laminate, bamboo, glass to steel etc.

    Abrasivesworld visited IFEX 2014. An exhibition that focuses on Furnitures. Organised by PT Pameran Niaga Indonesia – UBM, the exhibition is located in JLExpo Kemayoran Jakarta and houses 5 halls from A to D. There are more than 300 exhibitors, many from companies in Indonesia.


    During the show, Abrasivesworld visited Ekamant Abrasives. Ekamant is a forefront abrasives supplier in Indonesia that focuses primarily in the wood-furniture industry. As it is the only abrasives exhibitor in the show, it manages to attract a good crowd to its booth C-011A which is attended by its attentive sales personnel.  





    Abrasivesworld also announces its news article collaboration with Pose Media Indokreasi. Mr Arief Odon, the editor in chief of Pose Media reiterated the mission of Woodmag magazine. Woodmag focuses mainly in the wood related news and development in Indonesia. As a result, the magazine are in Bahasa Malay language to reach out to it’s local community. “Partnering with Abrasivesworld would makes perfect sense as our articles can be translated into 6 different international languages instantly and reaches out to the international community more effectively. Abrasivesworld becomes a vital bridge that enables Indonesia development to the rest of the world and vice versa” said Arief. 

    The next IFEX shall be from the 12-15 March 2015.


  • Article : Abrasivesworld launches Request for Quotation module
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 19/02/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    Today Abrasivesworld proudly launches Request for Quotation (Beta) 

    Driven by the passion to engage the abrasives communities and allow each community to reach out to other effectively, Request for Quotation (RFQ) is developed to help members to search for the right suppliers that offer fair price at the best quality products. This is done without both geographic and language barriers.

    The key features includes: 

    - Sender of RFQ can decide to send their RFQ by the member group in abrasivesworld or / and to their assigned email addresses. 

    - Qualified bidders shall be alerted and offer their quotation in confidence. 

    - Both Sender and Bidder will have their RFQ and quotation records saved in abrasivesworld archives which will help them to retrieve information  whenever needed.

    Go on, log in as the members of Abrasivesworld and enjoy the various features available that benefited our many abrasives members. Afterall, Abrasivesworld is created for the abrasives community by the abrasives community.

    To sign in, register at http://abrasivesworld.com/account/signin

  • Article : Munksjö participating in Practical World 2014 Fair
    Organisation : Munksjö Arches SAS
    Date : 15/02/2014
    Author : Estelle Seibert





    What are the keys to success on today’s do-it-yourself market?

    To find out, we are pleased to invite you to the next Practical World 2014 Trade Fair at the Munksjö stand H10.2 F029!


    You will receive in the coming days our special newsletter issue to discover in preview  the content of our solution box...

    Everything will be there, from our innovations to presentations from our expert partners, both practical and inspirational.


    Contact us to get your free admission pass.


    Looking forward to seeing you there,

    Best regards,

    Estelle Seibert

    Marketing Manager

    Abrasive Backings


    Munksjö Arches SAS

    6 rue de la Faisanderie


    F-67831 Lingolsheim Tanneries Cedex


    Phone : +33 3 88 59 91 74

    Mobile : +33 6 82 80 26 73


    We will be there !

    International Eisenwarenmesse - Cologne

    9-12 March 2014 - H10.2 F029

  • Article : Chinese New Year Greetings
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 24/01/2014
    Author : Abrasives World

    To all our chinese readers....


    We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year and in the year of the horse, it brings everyone prosperity and good health.


    We hope that below short clip (extracted from a local Ah Huat Coffee advertisement) brings you some laughter

    Video upload in MP4 to Abrasivesworld portal



  • Article : Season's Greetings from AbrasivesWorld
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 22/12/2013
    Author : Abrasives World




    Dear Abrasivesworld readers,

    From all the staffs and management of Abrasivesworld, we wish you a

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

    May your New Year “shines” from the ultra-fine finish of coated abrasives and as “precise” as what bonded abrasives promise to deliver.


    Our wish is to deliver quality interactive platform to all our readers and members. Therefore, do not hesitate to give us your feedback and we’ll be pleased to continue enhancing our services to bring our abrasives community closer.

  • Article : Encouraging feedback from 2nd China ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 18/11/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

    Good feedback from ZhengZhou's 2nd Abrasives & Grinding Exposition




    Abrasives World visited the 2nd China ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition. Held for the 2nd time in ZhengZhou, known for abrasives centre in China, the exhibition is located at ZhengZhou International Convention and Exposition Centre in Henan China from 15th to 17th November 2013.

    There are more than 200 exhibitors mostly from companies in China that occupy 2 halls in the convention centre.

    The exhibition features exhibitors who are eager to show off their latest product and solutions that ranges from abrasive grains, raw material suppliers, abrasives manufacturers to machinery - all mainly focus on abrasives either bonded or coated. Hence, this exhibition is probably the only known exhibition that specialises in abrasives. 

    "The show has been very successful so far", said Mr Zhang (Managing Director of XinYi Zhangshi Abrasive). "We have received many enquiries in this show unlike other exhibition that we took part".

    Miss HongLin (Production Manager of White Dove Coated Abrasives) added "the last 3 days have been a busy days for us. We were very happy to see old friends in this business coming to ZhengZhou We receive many enquiries".

    The show is heading the right direction with the organisers planning to continue their 3rd China ZhengZhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition in 2015.  












  • Article : Yuli invested on Davide Maternini Presses
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 12/11/2013
    Author : Abrasives World



    Exclusive joint interview with Davide Maternini and Yuli Abrasives




    Yuli Abrasives has invested on Davide Maternini press and other automatic machines. This greatly enhance their leading position as a abrasives producer for both their current coated abrasives and now bonded abrasives.

    The machines produces both grinding and cut-off-discs in both flat and depressed centre of all dimension.

    Said Mr Li (vice - General Manager Yuli): "We believe in Davide Maternini's machine as they specialises in the bonded wheel press machine since 1947 in Italy. Their machine is known to be producing high quality grinding wheels in the world". Their machines perform with high reliability and even so, Maternini has remote support system and regular technical visits that assures us of the continuous post sales support".

    "We are really happy that we have Yuli as our customer in China. This is a indication is that producer in China are looking for the best and complete solution in producing abrasives wheel and discs and we are proud to be making this milestone with them" said Franco Maternini (President Davide Maternini).

    The machinery will be installed and ready within 2014.

    For more information, contact abrasivesworld.com



  • Article : Career Opportunity in Kitzutech Sdn Bhd
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 16/06/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

    Due to Business Expansion, Kitzutech Sdn Bhd is looking for qualified Sales Representative



    • Candidate must possess at least a SPM.
    • Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English
    • At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
    • Prefer male candidates with positive attitude.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Age: 20-35 years old.
    • Training provided.
    • Applicants must be willing to travel / work outstation / overseas.
    • Possess own transport.
    • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
    • Full-Time position(s) available.


    Interested parties, please email : kitzusb@hotmail.com

    Only qualified candidate will be notified.


    Human Resource Department

  • Article : Flap wheel production machine
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 11/06/2013
    Author : Abrasives World


    After Metis has permited the upload of their video "Flap wheel with shaft production machine" on the 1st Oct 2013, below is is a video showing the Flapwheel production.


    Metis calls this machine - FCM-X upgraded version.



    For more information, please refer to http://www.metisabrasives.com

  • Article : 涂附磨具 实验室 + 迷你制造机 = 创造市场需求
    Organisation : Davide Maternini
    Date : 03/06/2013
    Author : Abrasives World








    1. 可生产出经市场测试和认可的涂附磨具;
    2. 可按客户较小的订单生产出小批量布或纸卷并减少库存量;
    3. 可生产出更软和更薄的涂附磨料
    4. 可生产出顾客的个人品牌
    5. 跟一个传统的巨型设备相比,投资较小

    目前,此迷你制造机能生产出三(3)种不同的辊宽幅,即 180 毫米、 230 毫米和 630 毫米。

    Alessandro说道: “我们相信上述三(3)种规格的辊宽幅已经完全可以满足市场期望。但同时,我们也能够根据客户的要求来自定义辊宽幅”。



    a)      制造组,含接触轴、两(2)层胶合机送料轴、电和重力式涂布机、拉吸鼓及整套的空闲卷

    b)      多功能干燥机: 即可用主干燥窑,也可用作水平干燥机

    c)      绕组组





    如果您需要了解更多关于实验室的迷你制造机的详细信息,请联系我们的亚洲销售办事处 patrick.tan@maternini.it。

  • Article : Kitzutech continues it's winning strategy in board finishing industry
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 09/03/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

    Established for more than 25 years, Kitzutech has been faithfully serving it’s customers both in Malaysia and overseas.

    “We believe in giving value to our customers and for this reason, we invested heavily in machinery that we can make-to-order to what our customer’s abrasives needs. By doing that, we shorten our delivery time and control the quality of our product better.” Said John Chia – Managing Director


    “As industry evolves, we too have to decide which would be the right market segment to stay focus. Our decision to focus in the board industry is the right one. In 2005, we have invested a modern and 

    more complex production line from Italy that allows us to join multiple joints. We made many research with many suppliers on the best material for segmented belts convertion. The technical capability and intensive research effort enables us to export overseas as there are less supplier that focus on this.” John added.   



    This year, Kitzutech plans to upgrade their machinery to increase both their production output and quality. It’s aim is to bring down it’s overall cost and passing on to their customers.

    For any enquiry, please contact: kitzusb@hotmail.com


  • Article : Message from the President of Big Champion Indonesia
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 01/02/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

    Message from Mr Gunawan Gozali, President of PT Bahtera Indoamplas Gemlang


    "Despite the recent recession of the world economy, causing an even more difficult busi¬ness environment, we have been able to maintain & increase our market shares every year.

    The company continues to emphasize customer satisfaction & well defined marketing strategies to maintain our market share of coated abrasive products in their Teritory. We are fortunate to have such a solid team's dedicated commitment and its invaluable experience, which contribute immensely towards the company's objective & mission.

    We greatly appreciate receiving continuous support from our customers, suppliers & business associates in strengthening & consolidating our position locally as well as internationally.

    In 2002, the company was accredited by ISO 9001-2000 and we intend to continue to improve upon our quality of production. Last but not least we would like to thank GOD for blessing us with the company's steady success. May He continue to bestow this blessing upon us."



    Gunawan Gozali 
    President Director

  • Article : Flap wheel with shaft production machine
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 10/01/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

    Metis gracefully agreed to showcase how flapwheel with shaft are produced. 


    For more information, please refer to http://www.metisabrasives.com/

  • Article : 玉立集团:以科技创新为支撑 打造世界一流涂附磨具城
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 10/01/2013
    Author : Abrasives World


    —— 集团公司董事长黎珊玉接受通城电视台记者采访


      黎珊玉董事长说:玉立集团在这么一个山沟里为什么能做到全国第一,关键就是技术的不断创新。玉立集团有一句话叫做:突破求生存,创新求发展。玉立集团的技术发展,首先是培养核心技术人才。玉立集团的工程师都是草根,都是通城的小娃娃长大的。都是通过艰苦奋斗,自学成才,在本行业已经有了一定的位置。我们这几年获得国家专利17项、发明专利 32项,都是这些自己培养起来的小工程师研究出来的。第二就是装备,我们在装备提升上是舍得花钱的,比如十年前我们就筹资从意大利全线引进了一条砂带生产线,花去四千多万元,现在通过这么多年的消化吸收,我们自制的砂带生产线已经比国外的砂带生产线要好。





    Source: http://www.sharpness.com.cn/home/redianguanzhu/677.html


  • Article : 犀利商标荣获“中国驰名商标”
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 10/01/2013
    Author : Abrasives World





    Source: http://www.sharpness.com.cn/home/redianguanzhu/608.html

  • Article : About Xinyi Zhangshi Import & Export Co., Ltd
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 08/01/2013
    Author : Abrasives World

     Established in 1972, Xinyi Zhangshi Abrasives Development Co., Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing resin coated abrasives since 1988. Located in Xinyi city of Jiangsu province, the company covers an area of about 30,000 square meters including building area of 10,000 square meters.

    In 1999,  Zhangshi introduced a full set of production line as well as the conversion equipment from IMT in Italy. This is the third machine imported into China. The company now owns a complete set of professional equipment and advanced production techniques. With this technology, they have successfully produce products through cloth finishing, resin producing and many other product specification.

    "We have a production capacity of 5,000,000 square meters every year. We handle a great variety of products, which would be classified into three categories: hard cloth backing, soft cloth backing and paper backing. Cloth backing contains synthetic polyester cloth, blending and cotton cloth with several types of backing available: X, Y, J, F. Flexible cloth is used for both handing use and machinery use. Abrasive paper is available on E and F backing. All the above mentioned goods are produced with the grain of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and zirconia oxide. We chiefly carry the brand of JINGGU and GONU. Our products are widely used in all kinds of business fields such as metal, wood, auto car, furniture and glass. " said Janey

    "Through more than ten years of hard work perseverance, the company is growing rapidly and has achieved steady rise in quality, all of which has made us more competitive. Meanwhile we continuously carry out technical innovation, which also keeps us ahead of the line of abrasives. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. All of them enjoy a wide acceptance in the world market." added Janey  

  • Article : Rich history of Amacker + Schmid AG at a glance
    Organisation : Amacker + Schmid AG
    Date : 07/01/2013
    Author : Amacker + Schmid

    Rich history of Amacker + Schmid AG at a glance

    1962 Foundation of Amacker + Schmid AG by Arnold Amacker. Production of  several types of press and belt grinding machines as well as blueprinter and drawing tables.
    1963 Start with building of our production hall.
    1964 Developing of our first skiving machine.
    1965 Redesign of the belt grinding machines.
    1966 Continuously build up the production machinery.
    1967 Developing of the belt-slitting machine.
    1968 Expansion of the production hall.
    1969 Developing of the roll slitter.
    1970 Expansion of the production hall with the first crane hall. Developing of the first hydraulic belt press.
    1972 Expansion of the production hall.
    1973 Large upgrading of the production machinery to built large machinery like roll slitter, skiver and belt slitting machines.
    1974 Developing of cut to length machines and double lap preparation skiving machines.
    1975 Developing of the first automatic knife system for roll slitter as well as developing of roller press.
    1978 Expansion of the production hall. Developing of transfer press as well as wide belt slitting machines and cut to length machines.
    1980 Developing of automatic cut to length machine type GRD. Developing of flexing machine type FC.
    1981 Developing of shear cut roll slitter type RST.
    1982 Investment in the first computer. Developing of fully automatic roll slitter type RSS.
    1983 Developing of sheet cutter type BS.
    1985 Investment in our first CAD system.
    1986 Developing of automatic belt production line.
    1987 Developing of combined machine type MAC.
    1988 Developing of wide belt skiving type 215.
    1990 Developing of twin-line skiving and roller presses.
    1992 Developing of disc punching machine type SS-121.
    1996 Developing of double lap skiving machine type 216.
    1997 Developing of automatic wide belt line machine type AB/B.
    1998 Developing of skiving machine type 494.
    1999 Developing of roller presses machine type RP.
    2000 Developing of tape application FAS as well as spray glue heads.
    2007 Sudden death of Mr. Rolf Amacker. Business take over of Amacker + Schmid AG by Pascal Amacker (Grandson of Arnold Amacker und son of Rolf Amacker).
    2010 Replacement of the production machinery. Developing of shear cut roll slitter type RKS.
    2011 Developing of shaft less unwind station.
    2012 Developing of basic roll slitter type RSZB. Developing of basic belt slitting machine type BTK-248.
    2013 Developing of wide belt press type BB-7. Developing of full automatic skiving machine => Module 1 of a fully automatic narrow belt plant. Developing of shear cut to length machine type HTB-500. Developing of belt joint testing machine.
  • Article : About Davide Maternini
    Organisation : Abrasives World
    Date : 02/01/2012
    Author : Abrasives World

    First Private Limited Company Registered in Italy



    Establised since 1947, following the end of World War II, Davide Maternini founded the Davide Maternini in Malnate Italy.

    Initially, the company started as a small engineering operation and enjoyed modest growth - thanks to the reconstruction of local industry recovering from the effects of war. In the mid fifties, an abrasives manufacturer in the area commissioned the Davide Maternini Company to design and construct a hydraulic press to manufacture grinding wheels. This provided the company with a unique entry in to the world of resinoid and vitrified abrasives.

    By the late1960’s, the company was totally dedicated to the design and manufacture of unique equipment for the production of grinding wheels.

    It is testament to the quality of the engineering that most of the Davide Maternini’s machines are still working somewhere throughout the world. The company sales have continued to increase year by year, securing a larger and larger share of the world market at the expense of their competitors. This has been achieved by producing machines of superior quality, state-of-the-art technology and the continual introduction of new and innovative concepts.

    Today and living up to its name of supremacy and continuous innovation spirit, Davide Maternini is probably the only company that specializes in both bonded and coated abrasives equipment from design, engineering, to fabrication and commissioning of its complete turnkey equipment and production facility – a truly one stop solution provider.

    With its new and dedicated Asia entity based in Singapore and soon in China, Davide Maternini aims to bring itself closer to the end users whom are the producers of abrasives tools.

    For more information, please visit www.maternini.it


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